Monday, January 12, 2009

It was bound to happen.

It is a guaranteed fact that I will fall at least once every winter. I am prone to falling, whether the conditions are icy or not. I once fell while walking along a sidewalk in broad daylight, on a dry summer day. That fall left me on crutches for 4 days and with road rash that looked like I had been dragged behind a truck. Last year I fell down our stairs at home and had a bruise the size of a salad plate on my butt that was so spectacularly purple that it looked like one of the sea urchins that Liam was studying.

This morning I had to walk to work. My co-worker who drives me starts at 7:00 on Mondays, something I am not willing to do. So I walk. We had a big dump of snow yesterday, but most of the sidewalks had been cleared. Maybe if it hadn't been cleared I wouldn't have fallen. The thin layer of snow that was left after shoveling was slick. I WAS being careful, but that seems to be the time that I usually fall. The next thing I knew I took a step and was flying through the air. Normally when one falls on the ice, your feet go forward and you land on your bottom. Not me! My left leg went back and to the side, and I twisted mid-air so that I landed completely on my right side, with my hip and shoulder making first contact with the ground. To make matters worse I was wearing a backpack, and the backpack contained my lap top. Those suckers are hard and heavy when they gain momentum and smack you in the back of the head.

Someone should really follow me around with a video camera. We could make a lot of money from America's Funniest Home Video's.

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