Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Excuse me?  I'm sorry, could you repeat that? Hun?  What did you say? Can you speak up please?

Lately I've been finding myself using these phrases more and more often.  I long ago accepted that I can't watch television unless the closed captioning is on.  The words I hear in songs are nowhere near what the actual lyrics are.  I've even used the "Rear Window Captioning" at the movie theatre.

My greatest frustration right now is that I have a really hard time hearing Liam.  His voice must be at just the right pitch or tone that it gets lost in the background before it makes it's way to me.  Add in a dose of ADHD, a tired Mama and the general noise level of our house and I miss more then half of what he says.

So I'm going for a hearing test today.  I've had at least one hearing test that I can recall, about 10 years ago.  At that time they indicated that I had a slight lose (around 5%) in each ear, but it was not significant enough to do anything for it.   Since I've almost ordered those bionic ears from infomercials, I'm really hoping that an actual audiologist will be able to offer a solution.

Otherwise I might have to invest in a really big horn.

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