Saturday, July 14, 2012

Daring Kitchen - En Pappillote

Blog-checking lines: Our July 2012 Daring Cooks’ host was Sarah from All Our Fingers in the Pie! Sarah challenges us to learn a new cooking technique called “Cooking En Papillote” which is French and translates to “cooking in parchment”.

I did something completely different for this challenge.  I cooked it for just myself!  Usually I like to invite friends over to share, or at the very least I cook for Hilary and I.  But Hilary is in BC visiting family, and I'm home on my own.  I had originally thought that I was going to sit this month out since I didn't have anyone to cook for, but then I figured I have to eat too.

This month the challenge was a cooking technique using parchment paper to hold in all the juices and goodness while your food steams.  It's a very low fat, healthy way to cook, which is just what I need.

I cooked asparagus, shallots, carrots, broccoli and shrimp for my dinner.

All arranged on the parchment.  I was having fun taking the pictures, so I forgot to season the food before folding it up.  I added it after it cooked and it tasted just fine.

All sealed up and ready to go in the oven.

I found that the shallots were a bit to raw for my liking, but everything else was cooked to perfection.

It only took 12 minutes to cook, and maybe 5 minutes to prep.  This is definitely a technique that I will use again.
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