Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Running and Religion Don't mix

I’ve spent a fair bit of time thinking about my final decision for running or not running the Salvation Army’s Santa Shuffle. During all of this thinking, I came to the realization that for me, running and religion don’t mix. (Many runners will proclaim that running IS their religion, but that is a whole other topic.)

I don’t mix religion into any other aspects of my life, so I’m not going to start now. I think running can be a great fundraiser for a lot of causes, and the 3 organized races I have done so far have all been fundraisers but none of them were for religious causes.

So I’m choosing to NOT run the Santa Shuffle, not because it is put on by the Salvation Army, but because it is put on by a religious group.

You could say that I don’t Jog for Jesus, Race for Religion, Canter for Christ, Amble for Allah, Sprint for Shiva, Vamoose for Vishnu or Dash for Divinity. I will however Scramble for Schools, Compete for Cancer and Hurry for Hunger.

Mostly though, I run for me.

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