Saturday, March 1, 2014

An end of an era

For almost 20 years Hilary and I have hosted an annual Oscar party. We've had anywhere from 2 to 20 people come to enjoy a night of food and fun. There have been years where Hilary would start cooking weeks in advance. Some years there was a theme to the food - Mexican, Indian, potatoes, meat on a stick.  Last year we even did a full turkey dinner.

Being on the East coast has always made for a very late night, often meaning that we needed to taken the next day off work to recover and clean up. The actual Oscar's don't start until 9:30 for us and often don't end till nearly 2:00 am.  That is WAY past my bedtime.

This year we have decided that we are simply watching the Oscar's on our own, likely in our PJ's.  In fact, we may even just tape the end and go to bed at a decent time since we both have to get up early on Monday.  Instead of spending all of our time cooking and prepping, we are going to have chips and dip and buy a fancy dessert to share.

While we loved every year's party, and we'll miss celebrating with friends, it's time to scale things back and just enjoy a quiet night.

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