Sunday, August 2, 2009


Liam has fulfilled his goal of being in 4 types of media!

First he was on TV with his class at school:

Then his adoption story was featured in a book (along with pictures of him which he was very excited to point out to the staff at the book store)

Then a story about the book ran in our local paper along with a half page colour picture of our family.

And on Friday he was selected to be on the radio.

101.3 The Bounce had a booth at the movie theater and Liam wandered over to check it out. The announcer asked him if would go on the air and tell everyone what movie he was there to see (Aliens in the Attic). He got to wear great big earphones and hold the microphone. (who knew that I should take my camera with me to the movies!)

Now he just needs to be in a major motion picture and he'll have done it all.
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