Monday, April 19, 2010

Movies for 1000 Alex

Or is that a 1000 movies?

We own a LOT of movies.  This next picture is of just Liam's movies that we hauled out to edit.  We only managed to cull 20 for a future garage sale and 10 to be stored in the attic.

Some people don't get the joy of watching a great movie over and over again. Ones like The Princess Bride or 12 Angry Men.  Or more recently Cars and Aliens in the Attic (Okay, I can't watch that one over and over again, but Liam sure can!)  For us watching a movie that you already know so well is like meeting an old friend.  There is comfort in the expected.  I have my go to movies when I need a good cry, when I'm feeling sick or when I feel the need to "blow shit up"

We are the people that get called when Liam's school is holding a movie club, when friends are on bed rest or in the hospital, or if you just can't find that obscure movie from your past.  Chance are we have it!
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