Friday, April 23, 2010

The things you do as a mom

Well, ours isn't named Eric, and he isn't quite half a bee... more of a 9/10ths of a bee.

Liam is currently studying insects at school.  It's spring, so it's a great topic with all sorts of real life specimens to study and find right in your own back yard.   As I was walking home yesterday I saw a big bee just sitting on the sidewalk.  As I got closer I figured it was dead since it wasn't taking off.  It wasn't squished either, just a perfect looking bee lying on the ground.

So I did what every great Mom would do.  I scooped it up and brought it home for Liam to study.

It turned out that a) it wasn't a perfect specimen after all.  It was missing 1 leg and had some oozing from the wound and b) it wasn't actually dead yet.


So we put in a glass with some plastic wrap to seal it in and we watched.  and waited.  and watched.  Every now and then it would twitch or move slightly.  Luckily by the time we came down for breakfast this morning it had finally died.

Liam was very brave and took it out and felt how soft it was.  "I" was not so brave.  I don't really do dead things, especially dead bugs.  But I hid it well and used a pen to move the wings so Liam could see how thin they were.  He took it to school, stopping to show everyone his new, great possession.

I just hope it stays at school!


Tudu said...

I was fascinated with insects as a kid. Obsessed is probably more accurate. I put them in glass jars all over the screened in porch and freaked my mom out. I didn't wait for them to die, I added a few drops of rubbing alcohol.

I can't imagine touching them today. My kids have little "houses" with insects all over our carport and I can't even look in them. It gives me the heebie jeebies. You are one brave mom.

Beautiful Mess said...

Oooooh fun! Zilla loves to look at bugs, too. You're so nice to have brought it home for Liam.