Thursday, June 16, 2011

He's only 8!

You know you're old when you find yourself saying "Kids these days!"  I thought it today and it made me feel old!  My kid did something today at the not so wise age of 8 that I didn't do till I was in my 20s!

He played Truth or Dare at school.

With girls.

There was kissing.

He loved it.

Luckily he's young enough and we have a great relationship that he told me all about it. His dare had been to kiss Grace on the cheek and then she got dared to kiss him on his cheek.  Liam was all for this since he's had a crush on Grace all year.  When I asked him how the kiss was, he pretend to swoon and told me it was wonderful.  Too cute.

It opened up a great discussion on our walk home about respecting people and making good choices and how things like kissing and dating are best reserved for much later in life.  I knew these talks were coming, I just didn't expect them yet!!

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anymommy said...

Yeah, there is no way I can handle this in two years!