Monday, September 12, 2011

Sock It To Me

The week of September 12, 2011 is Sock It to Me Week.

It was started by Kym at The Smartness in 2009 for people because the "warmth you feel from your bloggy support is a warm and fuzzy pair of snuggly socks." You sign up, get matched with a blogger and then send them a pair of socks. It's a great way to start reading new blogs and it gives us a chance to reflect on the support that you get from other people through your blog:
Here is the topic of your post: It has been roughly a year and a half since the last SITM Exchange. Reflect on the past 18 or so months – how has support from others, either in the blogosphere or otherwise, helped you?
I started this blog in February 2008 as a fun way to waste some time and maybe update friends on a few things that were going on in my life.  Adoption quickly became a common topic as I navigated my way through my own "reunion" with Iris and as I tried to find my way as a parent in what was supposed to be an open adoption but turned out not to be. Liam, school, parenting and ADHD are other topics that I've written about.  Lately I've had more cooking/food type posts and the introduction of Gary in our family has made for some ahem humorous posts.

The common theme through all of my posts has been the support I've gotten.  Friends, people I've never met in real life (well, except Heather!) have been here for me through the death of my father, difficult parenting moments, Liam's ADHD and learning disorder diagnosis.  They've especially been here this summer for me as I dealt with the end of my relationship with Iris, my first mother. They've laughed at my goofs, and suggested ideas to make things better. 

I really do feel that the support I get from blogging, other online support sites, and even the time sucking social networking site that shall remain nameless, is really  like a warm and fuzzy pair of socks! There is something wonderful about a virtual hug sent from across the world or just across town when you need it most to help you get through the current crisis of the day.  And now I have a wonderful new pair of real socks to keep my toe-toes warm this winter!

My socks arrived last week in one of the BIGGEST boxes possible!  I was really not expecting it to be my SITM socks, but hey! there they were!  

My socks were sent to me by Rebekah Rose at Making Miracles.  Rebekah is a gestational surrogate, and is currently pregnant with twins for her intended parents.  

And while I suspect that Rebekah wouldn't have much use for wool socks where she lives, they are very much appreciated here in Nova Scotia!

Be sure to check out all the other SITM entries by visiting The Smartness this week.

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