Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Run for the Cure

Now that I'm running on a regular basis, I figured I should use my power for good! I'm hoping to raise at least $150 for the Run for the Cure 5K run on October 6th.
Breast Cancer will affect one out of every nine women in their lifetime. One out of 29 will not make it. Although the stats have improved tremendously over the past 20 years due to early detection, we'd like to see that number disappear. The funds raised from Run for the Cure will go a long way in helping with research, education and health promotion.
I have been very fortunate that my immediate circle of friends and family have not been affected by breast cancer. Two of Liam's teachers have, parents and relatives of our friends have and so have co-workers. So it touches us all in some way. So while I'm not running for any one specific person, I am running for all women.

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