Sunday, July 6, 2014


Top row:  Buster, Montry
Middle row: Boston, Oscar, Edgar
Bottom Row: Hazel, Alice

Boston and Montry have been with us for 2 weeks now and have settled in like troopers.  They still hiss occasionally if one of the big cats startles them, but for the most part everyone gets along. There hasn't been a lot of playing between the old guard and the new, but then again the old guard range in age from 6-18.  Buster and Edgar are the playing fools of the group, being the youngest at 6 and 14, and they are tentatively considering it with the kittens.

I had forgotten how much fun kittens are.  The leaping, the scampering, the playing.  I had also forgotten how sharp and nocturnal kittens can be too!  They love to play together, but surprisingly don't sleep together or cuddle.  They have very different personalities, with Montry being a lap-cat who loves to snuggle, and Boston being more stand-offish.  Though if I do find a kitten in my bed at 4:00 am, it is almost always Boston.  I think she wants to cuddle, she just doesn't want anyone to know it.

Life with 7 cats is full of fun and I recommend it for everyone!

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