Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Five - Family Edition

I'm currently working on an art project (hush now, I already know that I have don't have an artistic bone in my body!) for a friend and she sent these 4 thinking points to help convey what she is looking for. They make for a very interesting Friday Five (I added the last one to make the numbers match)

  1. What is your family story?
  2. What is the story you want to tell about your family?
  3. What is important to you as a family?
  4. What is your experience of creating family?
  5. What is the most important thing about your family?

And my answers (which really isn't helping me with the art project!)

1. My family story is one of adoption, love, coming out, friendship and conquering life together.

2. I want to tell the story of how of how Hilary and I met: we were both too shy to actualy move forward on anything left on our own, so friends took us out to a bar, talked to each of us and pretty much said "get on with it already!" so we did!

3. The most important thing to us as a family is happiness. We've lived without the material things before, but it didn't matter because we were happy.

4. Our experience in creating a family was an unusual one. We had no plans to adopt, yet within 3 months of the word first being mentioned we had brought Liam home.

5. The most important thing about my family is love. Our love for each other.

So I challenge each of you to carry forward this Friday Five and let us learn a bit about your family.

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