Sunday, September 7, 2008

What would you do?

Picture this scenario:

You and your family are riding the city bus home after a great day out. 2 people get on a few stops after you. It is obvious from their body language that they are fighting. Person A sits down and stares straight ahead, ignoring person B. At first person B refuses to sit down but then harrumphs into the seat next to person A, making sure to slam into them. They argue in hushed tones. Then person B starts hitting person A. Makes a fist and slams it down on person A's leg. Elbows them in the side, pushes against them. The whole time person A sits looking defeated, staring ahead, ignoring the onslot, occasionally hissing "stop it" to the other person.

By this time most of the passengers around have noticed what is going on. They all start to exchange looks. Should they intervene, say something? But what? Do they risk all this anger being turned on them? Is it even their place to get involved?

So dear readers, I put it to you? What would you do? I have added a poll over on the left hand side so that you can vote on your answer. And then I will tell you what Hilary and I did, since this happened to us yesterday.
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