Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Geriatric cats

We have 4 cats, all of whom are getting on in years. We once maxed out at 12 cats - 6 of our own and we took in a stray who happened to have 5 kittens a week later. Luckily we found great homes for all the kittens and Mom-Cat. 2 of our cats have died, Simon in 2004 and Squid in 2006.

It's hard watching pets age, but for the most part these guys are still going strong!

Edgar - 12

Edgar has been an old man since he was born! He's always been slow moving, methodical and wise. He never really had a kitten period.

He had just had his ears cleaned and was not happy with me

Alice - 10

Alice is the one that we are noticing the most changes in the last few days. She is starting to limp when she first gets up to walk, she isn't as delicate when she jumps, she's more tired then usual. Alice has always had kitten qualities. She used to play fetch with a crinkly ball, she comes when she is called... oh wait, she doesn't have kitten qualities, she has puppy qualities!

Alice in the sun

Hazel - 8

Hazel hasn't changed much. She still hates me, is scared of every human beign except Hilary and is rather rotund (think Jennyanydots !)

This is Hazel's "I could kill you with one claw" look that she gives me when I get too close.

Oscar - 7

And Oscar is the baby. He still thinks his tail is out to get him, he would kill for nip and has just figured out how to get in and out of the bunk bed so that he can sleep with Liam again.

Oscar on the bunk bed.

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