Friday, December 5, 2008

Amazing Mosaic

Recently Liam's school produced their Art Cards for their annual fund raiser. Every child submits a piece of art work, we scan it, print it onto a note card, and sell them in bundles. You can check out Liam's here. I'm involved with the committee that works on this project each year and I wanted to do something different, something to give back to the school. One idea that the committee had was to create a mosaic of all the cards. Sounds cool... but hard!

So I searched the handy dandy Internet. And lo and behold I found some amazing software! Check out Andrea Mosaic. It's a quick and free download that lets you upload your main picture and then use any pictures you have on your PC to create the mosaic.

Here is my final creation: A picture of the school made up of the 155 art card projects from the kids this year.

and here is a zoomed in view of the individual pictures:

So if you are like me and have a couple gazillion pictures on your hard drive, I highly recommend that you download this great piece of software and start playing!

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