Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas traditions

Every family has different traditions. We are no exception. We have table presents for both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinner. We have crackers and insist that everyone present wears the hat.
We also started a new tradition a few years ago: Finding the Christmas Pickle. The history of the Christmas Pickle is varied and no one knows for sure where or when it started. Many people say that it is German in origan, but most people in Germany have never heard of it. The idea is that an ormanent shapped like a pickle is hidden on the tree and who ever finds it first gets a special present. Hilary has been the purchaser of the present and then the hider of the pickle after Liam and I decorate the tree. Our pickle presents are musical Christmas decorations. A tree that opens to reveal a train set inside that moves and a ferris wheel that plays music while it spins around. Hilary is out today looking for this years presents. I wonder what it will be?
What traditions does your family follow?
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