Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Reading strategies

At our parent-teacher meeting last week, Liam's teacher expressed some concern that Liam wasn't progression as well as she would like. Her concerns were around reading, recognizing sight words and knowing the sounds for letters. An example would be if you asked him what sound/letter the word "neighbour" starts with, he will most likely say B, since it has such a strong sound, just not at the beginning.

The school is great, the classes are small (14 kids) and they are sending some of the kids - including Liam - for extra one on one help a couple of times a week.

The thing we found odd about this conversation is that he seems to do just fine with homework. The school sends home 3 books a week, beginning readers with only a few words per page. We also do "Mama homework". It seems more of a case of Liam knowing his stuff, but not wanting to strut his stuff at school.

Either way we've kick Mama homework up a notch! Almost a year ago I posted about Liam becoming a reader, reading Dick and Jane. We hadn't read these in a while so we pulled them out this week. He stumbled on a few words, had to sound some out, but over all was reading it. We've also started using a great website for reading, The have games and on-line books, where you can click on a word and it sounds it out for you. I don't think computers can be a substitute for books when it comes to reading, but it is nice to have different options that are fun as well.

But our favorite reading strategy? Bathtime reading! While I run the water for Liam's bath, I use a washable marker and write the words we are working on on the tiles. Yes, that's right, I use markers on my bathroom walls! Liam gets in the tub and as he reads the words he gets to "erase" them with a water squirting toy. It's very motivating for the 6-year old crowd!

Any reading strategies that work in your house?
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