Sunday, December 6, 2009

A new era has begun

Up until yesterday Liam HATED the telephone. Conversations with Grandma were "Hi, I love you, Bye!" when the ear piece wasn't anywhere near his head. He refused to talk to anyone on the phone no matter what.

This has all changed!

Liam rushed in from school on Friday demanding to know where the phone was. Apparently he had set up his very own play date. This is a play date in the high tech age. 2 kids meet online at Club Penguin and wander around there aimlessly while they chat on the phone with each other. I was intrigued to see how this was going to work for my telephonophobic child.

He got over that fear pretty quick! They chatted and played for over an hour! Now this is an older kid, neither Hilary nor I have met him and we don't even know his last name. We do know that he goes to Liam's school and that he is an Old (so grade 3 or 4) and that they started chatting on the bus to swim class about Club Penguin.

This is Liam's first friend that he has made completely on his own without any involvement from Hilary or I. He did meet another friend at summer camp this summer, but that one involved me calling the boy's mother and setting up a play date for them.

And for the first time ever, the phone rang today and a young boy politely asked "May I please speak with Liam?"

I thought we would have a few more years before our phone line was tied up by the kid all day long. Guess I was wrong.
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