Wednesday, June 16, 2010

We've got crabs!

No, not that kind!

We are vacationing on the Sunshine Coast of western Canada.  It's a deceitful name as there has not been much sunshine yet!  But like most vacationers, we suited it up and headed to the beach.  It was much too cold to swim so we dug for treasure and built sandcastles.  The only down side is that Liam has become insanely afraid of crabs.  These are by no means the market size crabs that end up on your plate!  If you weren't looking closely you would never see them at all.  Now every time we go down to the beach (which just happens to be about 50 feet from Granny and Grandpa's back door) we have to pinky-swear to Liam that the crabs WILL NOT HURT HIM.  As you can see they could surely (insert eye rolling here) do a lot of damage!

Even if the sun were to make an appearance and warm things up, I don't think we will be getting Liam swimming in the Pacific any time soon.

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