Monday, September 27, 2010

Adoption, adoption everywhere

Once again adoption has found it's way onto my TV without me realizing it.  There is a daughter and her birthmother racing together on the Amazing Race this year.

To me, reunion is hard enough without doing it with the stress of TV cameras and travel, all while running a race to win a million dollars.  From what they said on the opening episode, this is only the 3rd time that they have met face to face.  I think they even said that the first time they talked was during the interview for the show! It took Iris and I almost a year to work past having to send letters through a social worker, and then even longer to get to phone calls and the idea of meeting face to face.  And I realize that everyone is different, I just hope they don't have some sort of honeymoon phase that ends while they are half way up a mountain in Tibet.

Liam is watching the Amazing Race with us this year.  It will be interesting to see if it sparks any adoption questions for him.  The first episode didn't; he was much too interested in watching them storming the castle, smashing suits of armour with watermelons and laughing at the people trying to get their little shell boats across the water.

I hope it works out for them and that they have the chance to get to know each other like they are hoping for.  I would love to see some follow up with them after the show is done to see how they made out and where their relationship will go from there.

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