Sunday, May 31, 2009

Shark Bite!

We get about 10 days here in foggy Nova Scotia, that are perfect summer days. Not too hot or too cold, not a cloud in the sky, slight breeze and no plans!

In honour of the day we decided to set up Liam's slip'n'slide that he had last summer. Worked fine except the pillow that is supposed to stop you from skidding across the grass at the end was full of holes. Too many holes to repair even if I could have found that mysterious piece of patching stuff that comes with inflatable toys. I mean, really? Who keeps those? And if you keep them, can you find them when you need them?

My solution was to go buy a new one. Much less fuss. And since I am known as the "push-up" in the family (Liam's misunderstanding of the term push-over), here is what we came home from the store with:

Happy summer, even if it's still a month away!

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