Saturday, June 6, 2009

It's in the bag

We try to be environmentally conscious when we can. We Reduce-Reuse and Recycle. The problem with reusing is that it sometimes takes more work then I'm willing to do.

Take plastic food bags. Once you use them, you have to wash them, dry them find somewhere to keep them (because like anything else, once you take it out of the manufacturers box, you are NEVER getting it back in there).

So we've gotten into a habit of putting all the bags that need to be washed into one big bag. The problem with that is that as the number of bags grows, so does the dauntingness of the task! So it was that I was faced with a huge pile of bags this morning when I was struck by a moment of genius! I had already thought of and discarded the idea of putting them in the dishwasher. I figured the water would be too hot and they would melt, or they would just fly all around the machine and I didn't want to risk breaking it. And that is how I thought of the washing machine! Ours is already a *little* bit broken, so if I broke it with plastic bags it wouldn't be so bad! So I gathered my bags and set to work! A little bleach, a little dishwasher soap and a gentle cycle and I was good to go.

And it worked!

Of course in my excitement I hadn't thought the plan out to the very end. It's all very nice that I have this huge pile of clean bags, but where the heck was I going to dry them? It's raining here today, so the laundry line was out (that and Hilary doesn't like the idea of drying the bags on the line...don't ask, I don't know why). When we only wash a few, we use the spaghetti rack for drying them, but I had way too many today.

So I got some towels and some string and I'm all set! I just have to remember to duck when I need to use the washroom!

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