Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Walking across Canada!

I've been inspired!

An online friend just started a new blog that charts her walking progress as she "virtually" walks across the United States. You can check her out here. She talks about different spots as she encounters them on the map and has some great pictures too.

She also posted a link to the Canadian equivalent. It highlights a path across Canada (with offshoots to the north through the Yukon, an extra tour of southern Ontario, a trip across PEI, a visit to Baffin Island and a quick jaunt around Yellowknife)

Since we don't have a car I walk every day. The main places I walk to are work, school and the grocery store. They aren't long distances, but every step counts!
  • To or from work = 1.5 KM
  • To or from the grocery store = 1.3 KM
  • To or from Liam's school = 0.5 KM
The site converts KM into steps. To and from work equals 6000 steps. The entire journey is takes 47,002,000 steps, so I have a way to go! (7833 days unless I step it up [pun fully intended!]) My first day didn't even register on the map. I'm still somewhere in Victoria BC.

So put on your walking shoes and come and join me! I'll be updating the side bar on the right once a week with my step count and posting maps of my progress as soon as I make some.
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