Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

I pretty much had forgotten that today was Father's day. I haven't been to the mall in a while, so I've missed the splash of ads and cards for sale.

And our immediate family doesn't have a father. Something that Liam has been talking about more in the past few weeks. (Coincidence...maybe?) He doesn't seem distressed about not having a father in his life. He thinks it's a great joke to call me Dad, so I call him William (his "official" name and one that he denies belongs to him!)

Hilary and I, however, do have fathers. Hilary has 2~ her father, and her step-father. He step-father has been in her life since she was 3 and is the main father figure that she grew up with.

So Liam has 3 grandfathers (2 that he calls Grandpa and 1 he calls Grandad, it's all very confusing). They all live very far away from us and we don't see them often. But when we do we try to make sure that Liam gets lots of quality time with them. You know, the stuff that memories (and great pictures) are made of. Here are 3 of my favorite moments of Liam with his grandfathers:

Grandpa (Hilary's step-dad) and Liam play checkers.

Liam plays air-hockey with my father.

Liam and Grandad have some quiet time together.
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