Tuesday, January 19, 2010


So what does you family refer to their bodily functions as? We keep a poster outside the bathroom that gives guests an alphabet full of options to chose from!
Ant Poo
Bear Smells
Cat's Nasty's
Dog Shit
Elephant Turds
Field Mouse Wee Wee
Iguana Number Ones
Jellyfish Diarrhea
Kangaroo Jimmies
Monkey Nuts
Nightingale Faeces
Owl Do-Das
Pirhana Poops
Queen Bee Tinkles
Rabbit Currants
Skunk Stinks
Tortoise Big Jobs
Unicorn Caca
Vulture Droppings
Worm Widdel
Xcelcatapus Nothings
Yellow Hammer Splashes
Zebra ManureWhat is your favorite?

Print by Chris Orr-Ra
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