Friday, January 15, 2010

So I have this thing.....

and Dr. Google is of no help what-so-ever, so I turn to the next best thing. YOU.

About 2 weeks ago the back of my neck was itchy/dry. I didn't think much of it.

Then it felt a bit worse.

So I stopped wearing my necklace.

Then it felt even worse.

So I put some lotion on it.

And it felt a bit better.

Then I rolled over during the night and strangled myself with the sheet and went AHA! I must have sheet burn (What? I'm a very active sleeper, just ask Hilary!)

So I was very careful every time I rolled over to not have the sheet wrap around my neck (which is probably just a good plan overall)

And, you guessed it, it still got worse.

Today it's at its worse so far. I did wear a sweater with a high collar on it that maybe rubbed it. But Dang! I need this mess to go away.

So shout out the solutions! The diagnoses! The old wives tales! The recipe for smelly mustard plasters! I swear I will try them all!

Just make this go away!
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