Friday, January 22, 2010

Slow-cooker Cook-Off

We do love to cook in our house. Actually, Hilary loves to cook and I reap the benefits (as my girth will attest to!) So when the Parent Support Committee at Liam's school decided to hold a Slow-cooker Cook-Off, we figured that we would enter 1 or 2 dishes (and not just because I'm the chair of the committee either!)

Well, as always seems to happen with us, 1 or 2 has turned into 4. Hilary and I were up late last night dicing, chopping and mixing. And today our house smells DELICIOUS!

Once everything is cooked we will pack up and move it all over to the school. We even have a local celebrity, Chef Richard Julien, coming to judge the dishes tonight. It promises to be a fun night of tasting and mingling with friends. And the end result will be that the committee will produce a cookbook from all the entries so that we can raise money for the school.

I'll be sure to let you know tomorrow if Hilary wins anything!
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