Monday, January 4, 2010

Perfect Moment Monday

I'm just squeaking in today!

I just recently started working from home. It was a sudden decision, so the only "workspace" I had initially was in our bedroom. Not ideal, but workable for the short term. Over the holidays I got spunky and started rearranging furniture. A spare room/playroom became my office. I still share the space with Liam however. He has a desk, a white board, shelves of board games and a bean bag chair.

Today was the first day that I worked at the new set up and it happens to be the shift that I work late. So when Liam got home from school, my day was really only just starting. He has acclimatized fairly well to having me work from home. He knows that he has to be superdy-duperdy quiet when I'm on the phone, that he can't interrupt me constantly, and that I can't stop and play whenever he wants me to. I do have the type of job that I can still concentrate if he is playing in the room, nattering on to himself as kids are want to do.

He has spent the entire time with me today playing "office". He made himself a laptop out of paper at school, borrowed some of my extra supplies and has set up shop. He has a real computer mouse hooked up to his "laptop" and is even wearing my old headset.

The perfect moment happened when I heard Liam make a telephone noise and the answer it "Attendance Line, Liam speaking!" sounding exactly like I do!
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