Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What can happen when you watch home improvement shows

Back when we were DINKS we had more money, more time and more energy then we do now. That's a bad combination when you pair it up with people who like to watch home improvement and decorating shows.

Here are some examples of how our first house was decorated:

  • We tiled our kitchen counters. I have to say, smashing the tiles was the best part of that job! I don't have a good picture of it all finished, but just imagine the pictures below with blue grout!

  • We painted the basement den entirely in stripes! Including the ceiling. This room also had a wooden floor painted purple, but I don't have any pictures of it.

  • Hilary took the time to paint the individual leafs on the border for our room and sponge painted the blue below the border to give it depth and texture.
  • Our dining room had stripes of high gloss oil and matte paint in the same colour below the chair rail

  • Our spare room was PINK with Chinese characters painted in gold adorning the walls. We then had to paint over that PINK to create Liam's nursery. It took many, many coats to cover it.
  • And Liam's nursery was white with all of our friends and family's hand prints in different colours. The brave even did their feet in a border just above the baseboard.


Anonymous said...

LOVE your creativity, but I gotta admit my fave part of this post are the pictures of teeny, tiny Liam!!!

Anonymous said...

That striped basement would have made me dizzy!

Love the handprints in Liam's room!

You guys are welcome to redecorate our house anytime!