Thursday, May 27, 2010

From humming birds to honey bees

Liam had his 8th school fair today.  They hold 2 fairs a year to showcase their work for each term.  The fairs always include a costume, songs, reenactments and displays of all that they have learned on their topic.

So far Liam has studied:

  • Hummingbirds - Littles 2006
  • Spaceships - Littles 2007
  • The Titanic - Rising 5's 2007
  • Bioluminescent ocean creatures - Rising 5's 2008
  • Nova Scotia weather - Youngs 2008
  • The effect of our environment on endangered species - Youngs 2009
  • The human body - Middles 2009
  • Honey bees - Middles 2010
He has grown so much in the past 4 years.  I can't get over how little he looks with his hummingbird beak offering me nectar to taste.  Next year the school's theme is "the world of work".  I can't wait to see what we get to learn next!
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