Saturday, May 22, 2010

Random thoughts

There seems to be so much going on these days!!  Here are some random thoughts that are rattling around in my head:

  1. There's only 3 weeks of school left!  I can't believe that Liam will be finished grade one and on his way to grade two.  Or as they call it at his school - he will be an "old middle"
  2. Liam will be 8!! this summer.  Where did the time go?  8 years ago  we first found out about the possibility of becoming parents mere months later.  So much has happened since then.
  3. Work is impossibly busy.
  4. We leave for vacation in 3 weeks!  We are off to Sechelt to visit Hilary's family.  I'm excited about the trip but the travel time and subsequent jet lag is something I could do without.
  5. I'm organizing a yard sale for the school on June 5th.  It seemed easy enough till I started figuring out everything that needs to be done!  At least my attic will have some more space in it on June 6th
  6. For the first time ever I hired someone to cut our grass.  He was wandering the neighbourhood knocking on doors, the price was great and I have way too much to do.  So I figured why not? He did a great job so I told him to come back in 2 weeks.  I feel quite decadent.
And the biggest one?  I just let Liam (age 7 3/4) and a friend (age 9) walk to the school by themselves armed with water and snacks so that they can play at the playground.  I may have to follow them to just make sure they are okay.  Don't tell Liam though, okay?  The walk is easy and one we do every day.  It's 2 side streets but they do have to cross a main road at a cross walk that leads right into the schools driveway.  I'm sure they are fine, but this is a hard milestone for a Mama!!
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