Sunday, May 16, 2010

I just don't get it

Hilary and I have a new TV show obsession.   I'm equally fascinated and appalled by this show.  It is so far from my reality that I watch it in awe.  I don't understand the people, their motivation or really any of it.  I frequently ask myself (or the TV if it's an episode that really confounds me) "What the Hell are you thinking?"  I could NEVER picture myself engaging in this activity.

What TV show could this possibility be you ask?

Why it's Say Yes to the Dress of course!

Even if Hilary and I were to get married one day, it would NOT be in frilly clothes at some big shin-dig.  It would be us, Liam, our friends Sandy and Jason and a justice of the peace.  In and out.  And Hilary would insist on cooking dinner!

  • I don't understand the frill and frou frouness of it all.
  • I really don't understand spending thousands of dollars on a dress that you will wear ONCE.
  • I don't understand the tears and frustration.
  • I really don't understand taking your ENTIRE family shopping with you.
  • And why would anyone let their family influence them so much?  If you like the dress, buy it already!  Who cares what your mother, mother-in-law, sister or boss thinks?  (yes one woman brought her boss too)
And yet, Hilary and I continue to watch the show.  We even record new episodes.  It's kinda like watching a train wreck.  You just can't tear your eyes away.
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