Sunday, February 20, 2011

Magic Mummy Spit

We have some odd family rituals/traditions around here!

Years ago when Hilary and I still lived in Toronto I was going through a bout of nightmares.  One night as we were saying goodnight, Hilary licked the end of my nose and said "There!  Now you won't have any nightmares tonight."

Odd.... but it worked! 

She wouldn't do it every night, but if nightmares started happening again she would catch me out of the blue, lick the tip of my nose and Voila!  No more nightmares.

And now she has passed the tradition along to Liam.  While saying goodnight to him one night when he was concerned about the possibility of bad dreams, she surprised him with a quick lick to the tip of his nose!

He was slightly shocked and appalled at first, but as luck would have it, he didn't have any bad dreams that night.  So a tradition was reborn and we get to have lovely nightmare-less nights.
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