Monday, February 28, 2011

Adoption Reading Challenge - Book 2

This is the secondbook that I have finished for the Adoption Reading Challenge that Jenna is hosting at The Chronicles of Munchkinland.  Be sure to follow the link through to read other people's book reviews.

The Kid by Dan Savage

The Kid is the story of how Dan Savage and his partner come to the decision to adopt a baby. We then get to follow their journey from their first meeting with an adoption agency right to the very end ( I won’t spoil the ending by telling you whether or not they end up adopting “The Kid”). If you are unfamiliar with Dan Savage and his writing style, I would strongly urge you to check that out before starting the book. As a sex-advice columnist, Savage can be lewd, rude, crass and crude. It’s almost as if he does it to shock people, as a lot of times – especially in this story – there isn’t a need for the language and topics that he uses.

Language and sub-topics aside, I found the book to be a very true account of a couple’s, especially a gay male couple’s, adoption journey. From the very frank reasons of why they want to adopt a healthy newborn baby to the pre-birth match that they end up in, Savage gives a very in-depth look at what every pre-adoptive parent goes through. 

I read this book with both my adoptive hats on (since neither really ever comes off). As an adoptive parent I found myself nodding and agreeing with some of his feelings, frustrations and fears. As an adoptee I couldn’t help but wonder how I would feel if this story had been written and published about my beginnings. I suppose that is a risk that any writer – published or just us bloggers – take when we share true life accounts of our families.

I would recommend the book to all sides of the triad. For expectant parents considering adoption, or for those parents who have already placed their child with an adoptive family, it can give a glimpse of what adoptive parents might feel and experience from their side of the journey. For pre-adoptive parents and even those of us who have already traveled this road, it can let you know that you are not alone and crazy with some of the weird stuff you might think and feel as you wait for a baby. Adoptees can read it and see a part of the journey that they had no say in and see an example of how some people made life changing decisions that can affect a whole lot of people.
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