Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

So far 2011 has not been a stellar year.  Dad dying, lice, a trip to the ER are some of the big highlights, but even the mundane day to day stuff seems to be kicking my butt.  So it was no wonder that I had no idea that Mother's day was only days away when a colleague asked me my plans.   I am going to be cooking what will hopefully be a yummy dinner for Hilary, but beyond that we are plan-less.

Since I started this blog in 2008 I've posted a Mother's day post each year, last year going so far as making it a full weeks event.  This year I don't have much to say.  There are some underlying family issues going on between my Mom and my Grandma which are weighing heavily on my heart.  So I give you instead a recap of my past posts:

2008 - A poem that I had written 5 years earlier when I celebrated my first Mother's Day as a Mom

2008 -  Contest - I wrote a story about the day my Mom got me and become a Mom for the first time.

2009 - Linda & 2009 - Iris Being adopted can mean remembering Mother's Day twice.

2010 For the week leading up to Mother's Day I wrote a tribute post to all the Mom's that are in my life.

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Julia roberts said...

Happy Mother's Day and I hope issues that trouble the women in your life resolve soon...