Thursday, March 17, 2011

A milestone I could do without

We've managed to avoid this one for the last 4.5 years of school.  And we thought we had made it through this time too.  Not to be however.

Yup, Liam has lice.

His school has been suffering through an infestation this year that they just can't get rid of.  Last week kids were walking in the front door and after a quick check being turned around and walked back out again.  Each day brought 4-5 new cases.  Even the teachers were getting it and being sent home.  Carpets and padded chairs have all been removed from the classes and daily notices have come home.

When Liam was observed to be scratching his head today he was sent to the front desk for a check.  And nits were found.  I got called to come pick him up.  I had them check me too while I was there and I am nit free!! 

Now were are home with the washing machine humming away.  Hilary has gone to get the required shampoo, comb and sustenance to get us through the day.  And then the nit-picking can begin!


CeeCee said...

Ugh! So sorry you're going through this, it's so much work!!! We've been fortunate to not get it so far. I cringe at the thought of all six having it at the same time. Hang in there!

Heather said...

Oh NOOOOOOOO!!! So sorry!! Once you're done with the elimination, tea tree oil is supposed to be an excellent preventative; we have tea tree oil shampoo and conditioner that I use on the kiddo whenever I hear news of a lice outbreak at her school. *knocking wood* We haven't had a report of lice since the beginning of the year, thank goodness. Last year was bad - we were getting notices every week. *shudder*

Unknown said...

Hair grows back ... just saying ;) but with 4 boys that would be my solution. We have never had lice here other than a foster daughter with GORGEOUS thick thick thick waist length hair. I spend days picking her head and after that SWORE that if the boys ever caught them I was cutting it off.