Thursday, February 21, 2013

Should I?

My Facebook feed has lately been clogged with pictures of adoptees (or birthparents, or siblings) holding up posters with their information, trying to find their first families.  Social media is a huge part of our lives today, and a picture shared with a few friends can suddenly go viral.  The number of people who have been reunited through this method is growing.  There is a whole Facebook page dedicated to helping people share their pictures.

Every time I see one of these pictures go by, I think "Should I?"  Should I print up what information I know about my paternal half-siblings and put it out there for the fates to handle? I have enough bits and pieces that someone might make the connection.  I have met my birthmother and I look nothing like her or her other daughter.  I suspect that I do look like my paternal half-siblings, based on the bits and pieces I have.  Would someone see the picture and make the connection?

The pros and cons are overwhelming.   Do I want to find them?  What if I don't find them?  If I found them, how would it affect Iris?  Should that concern stop me?  What will I find?  Do they know about me and don't want to be found?  and on and on it goes.

So I sit and wonder, Should I?
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