Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Going to the Chapel

We attended a family wedding yesterday. It was a very small wedding in a very small church. The 50 people nearly filled the pews.

I was raised Catholic, spent a better part of my teen years as a born-again Christian and then returned briefly to Catholicism before coming out as a Lesbian. For me, the 2 were not something that I could do at the same time.

Hilary was raised in an Atheist household. Since we have been together, I have moved away from believing in a higher power to being an Atheist as well. We are planning on raising Liam to be exposed to many world religions but are also sharing with him that we do not believe in them.

So yesterday was really his first time going to a religious service. We've been to 2 other weddings since he's been born, but he was 2 and 3 years old, so young enough to not be aware of what was going on. Now at 6 he understands what a wedding is, we have had discussions about God and how different people believe different things, and what we believe and don't believe.

We sat at the back and brought a new toy for Liam to help keep him quiet, we only had to pull it out part way through. We did have some interesting theological discussions: "Why do they keep calling this a house? It doesn't look like a house? Where does God sleep? Who is God again?" "Who's that guy hanging on the wall?" "Why do they all talk at the same time?"

The new toy he got was 2 Littlest Petshop dogs. He then decided that they should get married too and had them walking down an imaginary aisle and kissing while he pronounced them married. He did sit and watch a good part of the service. Overall he was quiet and well behaved.

He has one medium velocity burp (purely accidental- I picked him up to sit on my lap and kinda squeezed it out of him). Luckily only the folks immediately around us heard it.

And of course he was the cutest kid there! Okay, I may be slightly biased since he was also the ONLY kid there! But check out the handsome lad:
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