Saturday, October 25, 2008


My Mom's birthday falls during her visit to us this year, so Hilary and I decided to take her out for a nice fancy restaurant - somewhere that didn't offer crayons. We live in a very touristy city, so we have a lot of wonderful restaurants to chose from. Pre-Liam Hilary and I would eat out fairly often so we could check out a lot of the new restaurants. Post-Liam- not so much!

We decided to try something new and unusual, something that neither Hilary nor I had ever done and definitely something my Mom had never done! We went out for Teppanyaki:

Teppanyaki dining is a Japanese tradition where specially trained chefs prepare the meal right at your table on a large grill. In Japanese, teppan means an iron plate or steel sheet and yaki means stir-frying.

We had a fabulous time! The chef is not only skilled with a knife he is also an entertainer. He built our table a volcano out of rings of raw onion, filled it with oil and lit it on fire.

The grand finally was the meat being cooked under a very large flame. We were sitting about 1 foot back from this! You can just see the edge of Mom's plate in the corner of the picture.

We all had a great time and headed out for a leisurely coffee at a local pub and made the most of having a babysitter at home dealing with bedtime!

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