Saturday, October 25, 2008

Well Bust my Buffers!

It is a sad day in our household. Well, sad for Hilary and I. Surprisingly Liam seems rather unfazed.

We've packed up all of the Thomas the Tank Engine toys. Thomas has been a part of our life since Liam was 2 years old. We have trains and tracks and buildings and books and DVDs and clothes and, and and......

Now at the very old age of 6, Liam has outgrown Thomas. His interests now run to things like Bakugan's and Bionicles and Hot Wheels and Star Wars.

Hilary and I will adapt. We are slowly learning the languages that go with these new fantasy worlds. And of course we are acquiring the toys, the books, the clothes and the DVDs for this next phase of childhood.

The Thomas stuff will remain packed up in boxes (5 in total!) in the attic. Liam may want to revisit them one day or we will keep them to pass down to the next generation of train buffs.
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