Monday, April 6, 2009

Perfect Moment Monday

I have 3 days that I'm calling my perfect moments from last week. We've been struggling with some behaviours from Liam that are challenging and hard and frustrating and emotionally draining. On him and on us. So my perfect moments are Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We saw none of the negative behaviours. Liam was a treat and a joy to be around. He was helpful, he listened, he cleaned up after himself. He was polite to us and to others when we were out. Bedtimes were a pleasure and so were mornings when he woke up.

Now before you think he's been kidnapped and had some sort of mind altering intervention by the Stepford's, I will say that he was a perfect 6 year old boy. There was some whining. There was some tears. There was some frustrations and anger. The perfect moments were how he handled himself during these times. He did not completely disolve or shut down, or react in any sort of physical way. He did not get down on himself and "beat himself" up about things beyond his control.

And for me, that is a perfect moment. I hope that it keeps going this week too!
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