Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What Am I? round 13 # 3

So far we know that it isn't:
  1. a dish towel
  2. jammies
  3. my wall (hint, the white you see "behind" it, is part of "it")
  4. my arm and shoulder encased in some type of flannel garment
  5. a doll used as a doorstop
  6. a leaning cry-baby doll
  7. a puppet
  8. a giant thumb with buttonholes
  9. an octopus
  10. a Scarecrow
So here is today's picure:

I'm going to concede that yes, it is a doll. Now the trick is to tell me which doll! or a doll of whom I guess would be a better way to say that.

Good luck!
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