Thursday, April 30, 2009

What Am I? Round 14 #8

Well, I did say yesterday that I would show you the item in use today, but I found that I had one more picture that shows it in it's entirety without showing it in use (which obviously gives it away!)

So this is your last chance!

We know it's not any of these things:

  1. Top of a bottle
  2. Bottom of a chair leg
  3. Top of a spice Jar
  4. Kitchen Gadget
  5. TV antenna
  6. Spacer post thingy used in scrap booking
  7. Pen! Complete with pocket protector clip.
  8. Laser pointer
  9. eyeglass repair kit
  10. some kind of tri-pod...but there seems to be 4 leggies, so it's a quad-pod
  11. teacher's chalkboard pointer
  12. flashlight
  13. pointer
  14. travel case with small make-up brushes inside
  15. pair of knitting needles along with their carrying case

Who's going to get it first?

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