Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Vacation recap

The first highlight of our vacation was the weather! When we got on the plane in Halifax it was 14C out. 2 hours later when we got off the plane in Ontario it was 31C! Liam asked if we had landed in the desert. Fortunately it did not stay at 31 for too long and we got to enjoy most days with nice temperatures in the mid-20s. We did have some rain and I spent 20 white-knuckled minutes driving through a downpour that was the edge of a small tornado.

The best news of the trip was that I took Mom for her follow up visit for her eye surgery. It was declared a 100% success and she should not have any more trouble with it.

We visited with lots of friends and family. We had lunch with Hilary's Aunt Hilary, spent the day with my Grandmother, I got to see my God-Mother and various other friends. The only person that I did not get to visit with was Iris. My half-sister Madelaine is not working right now so Iris could not risk getting away to see me. The joys of closed adoptions and reunions.

My parents neighbours have 2 little girls near Liam's age, so he had lots of fun playing with them. what I wouldn't have given to have kids living next door when I was growing up! They went with us to the Children's Museum and rock climbing and various trips to the park.

All in all it was a great trip. Liam was spoiled, as can be expected, since he only gets to see his Grandparents once or twice a year. I stumbled across a seat sale last night, so my Mom is now booked to visit us in September. We got the tickets for $44 one way (plus taxes and fees of course) So her return trip will cost less then what it cost me to fly there one way. So Liam will only have to 2 months to be spoiled again.

I'll leave you with a collage of pictures from our trip:

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