Friday, July 31, 2009

Cooking Help needed!!!

I've mentioned several times Hilary's awesome and yummy cooking abilities. You've seen pictures of her Indian feast, Sunday Brunch and very cool cakes. Hilary comes from a line of strong amazing women who love to cook and who passed these traits on to her. I do not come from this same stock. Cooking has never really been my thing.

But next week it is going to be "my thing" and I need your help.

I'm on vacation next week, spending the week at home with Liam while Hilary goes to work everyday. So it only makes sense that I have slippers and a pipe ready for her at the door and a home made meal on the table after her long day at the office. Except, what the hell do I make?

Shout out some ideas! Share some recipes, post some links. I'll take any help I can get.

I do have food issues however. I cannot deal with most meats. If I can identify any sort of anatomy it's out (so chicken legs = BAD, boneless, skinless chicken breast = GOOD). I don't want to slave all day in the kitchen with prep work since this is my vacation too and Liam and I may be out during the day. We have no food alergies, we love spicy food and enjoy foods from all nationalities (except my own! I will never understand eating pig feet, Tourtière or french fries with gravy and cheese curds).

So folks please lend a hand. or if your local, come on over and help out.
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