Monday, July 27, 2009

It's in the eyes

The 4th Open Adoption Roundtable writing prompt is "write about a small moment that open adoption made possible."

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It's in the eyes

Growing up in a closed adoption, one of the things that I found the hardest was the fact that I didn't look like anyone in my family. I was taller then both my parents by the time I was 13. I was a browned eyed baby in a blue eyed family.

My hope for Liam's adoption was that he would never have the unknowns and the questions that I did. That he would know his first family and be able see his physical characteristics mirrored back to him. As it has turned out so far, that has not worked out exactly as I had hoped. Liam has not had the chance to meet his mother or his siblings.

Yet I still consider his adoption "open". Mainly because we know who is mother is, we have had contact with her in the past, and have contact information for her. And part of that contact allowed me to give Liam a special gift.


On his bedroom wall he has pictures of his mother, his brother and his sister. When he was little he would say goodnight to the pictures everyday or blow them kisses. At 7 he is too old for that. The similarities between the 4 of them is uncanny. You could put baby pictures of Liam and his sister side by side and I would be hard pressed to tell them apart. They all have the same facial shape, the same hair and the same eyes. Liam likes to mention that he has the same hair as K or that he looks like her. Every time he does that it is a special small moment that "open" adoption has made possible.
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