Friday, November 6, 2009

Modern Day Math

I have 2 memories of math in school:

1) I was in Grade 3 or 4 and I had to stand in front of the whole class and say my 12 times tables that I was supposed to have memorized, which I hadn't and was completely humiliated.

2) My grade 13 math final exam. I walked in, wrote my name and walked out.

Yeah... I am not a big fan of math. So the idea of being a parent who was supposed to help teach another human being about math, oversee homework and foster his love of the subject - well let's just say the idea gave me spasms!

This is Liam's 4th year at school, since his 2 years of pre-school were pretty much like school anyway. He's had "math" class every year and homework for the last 2. And guess what? So far so good! I don't have anxiety attacks, I know the answers (or can figure them out with a calculator when he isn't looking!) and his homework is fun!

Being an independent school, they value hands on learning and recognize that kids all learn differently. Some are hands on and need manipulatives, like Cusienaire Rods, and some are visual learners that like to draw as the learn, and some learn best while the bounce on a trampoline (like Liam!)

Homework right now can be any of the following: Playing Monopoly, Go Fish or War. Helping out in the kitchen by measuring, checking prices at the grocery store or rolling change. Sure, they send home math sheets too, but if it doesn't interest your kid, then don't worry about them, do what works for you and your family. GREAT! I'm all for it.

Now if I could have gone to a school like this maybe I wouldn't have to hide my hands under the table in order to figure out a tip at a restaurant.
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