Monday, November 23, 2009

Perfect Moment Monday - Perfect Gentleman

My Perfect Moment happened on Saturday. Hilary had to work so Liam and I had the whole day together. After a great morning where he played by himself so that I could drink coffee and catch up on blogs, we decided to go out for lunch. We agreed on our local pizza place where we could share an order of cheesy garlic fingers (with bacon on my half of course). This pizza place has a small play room where kids can hang out while they wait for their food. Surprisingly for a Saturday at the mall, there was only 1 other kid in the play room. A little girl who couldn't have been more then 2. She wasn't talking yet, but babbled up a storm! She took an immediate shinning to Liam, that started with wanting to touch his hair and kept going with her following his every move. While he wasn't thrilled with the choice of play room companions, he was so very sweet with her. If she tried to take his toy, he would tell her no and pass her something different. Every time he came to the table to have a drink she would follow him and then tug at his arm to go back with her. He talked to her, made sure she had toys and put on a comedy act that her giggling hysterically. Her mom and grandma were so impressed at how well Liam played with her and how gentle and attentive he was, that they stopped by my table to comment.

So my perfect moment was seeing that all this parenting stuff really does pay off and I got to glimpse the gentleman that my son is growing into.

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