Sunday, July 25, 2010

Holy Shit

When Liam first came home we joked that his first word was going to be Crap!  But over time, we became aware of having a magpie in the house and we cleaned up our language. Up until about 2 months ago Liam was convinced that "bad" words consisted of Moron, Stupid, Idiot and Shut Up.  We had no intention of telling him otherwise.

But of course Liam is 8 now, and all grown up.  And so he has been trying his hand at swearing.  He goes to summer camps with kids as old as 10, and boy howdy these older kids must all have potty mouths based on what Liam has come home with. We've heard them all.... Shit, Damn, Asshole, Fuck and even Fucker the other day.

Oh my ears!

Of course he has no idea what any of them mean, so being the naturally curious kid he is, he asks.  How exactly do you answer the question "Mama, what is a Fucker?"  Somehow "Well dear, it refers to someone who fucks" didn't seem quite appropriate.

The only one he seems to know how and when to use properly is Shit. The rest he will try to insert into a sentence, but doesn't quite have it down yet.  And being that he is still only just 8 he will check with us every time.  "Mama, I'm thinking of a bad word, do you want to hear it?"  Ummm... no buddy, I don't!

Hopefully this is a phase that will end soon, preferably before school starts again in 5 weeks!
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